On October 27th, CDF-Matupi ambushed the military council army that had been reinforced in Matupi Township of Chin State at 4:00 p.m. The official of CDF Matupi Battalion 2 reported today (October 28th) that 2 people were killed and at least 5 were injured on the side of the terrorist army.

“In Ngalai village, which is a CDF-Matupi controlled area, it is not even a mile away from the Mutupi district office, only half a mile away. The battle was due to the military councils expanding their forces. The CDF Matupi side was not harmed,” said an official from CDF Matupi Battalion 2.

“Yes, there are about 70 to 80. It was intercepted. The 2 in front of us died on the spot. More than 5 people were injured. After 1 hour, ambulances came and took him away,” Nai John Kim, a spokesman for the Chin Defense Forces (MTP), told Tongsan Media.

“The main thing is that you can go from Matupi to Rezoa town or you can also go to the plow camp on the Matupi-Palatwa road, so the people on that route will need to follow the instructions of CDF-Matupi. I want to tell you to open your eyes and listen,” Nai John Kim continued. Last October 6th, the CDF – Mutupi ambushed the Hakha-Mutupi road with a force of about 80 from the Khlara-140 Battalion, killing 2 soldiers and injuring many others.

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