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It is reported that Lia Do Deih Huai @ Huaiboih (Age 30), a resident of Pyidawtha Village in the Northern part of Kalay town, died of his injuries yesterday, September 5, after being beaten up by the Military council forces last August. According to a person close to Lia Huaiboih, last August, when she was on his way with a friend on her motorcycle from Pyidawtha Village to Kalay town, she was examined by the Military council forces and slapped until her ears bled for no reason.

Then the Military council forces the motorcycle she was riding, It is reported that the phone and wallet were taken and then released. After being beaten like that, on August 28th, while eating breakfast, she felt dizzy and had a headache. A woman close to her said that she felt pain in her hands and lost consciousness within a week.

“About a week or two afters she was beaten, he got a headache while eating breakfast and fainted. From then on, she was unable to regain consciousness for a week and fell into a coma. She was sent to the hospital for a check-up, but she was not found to be sick, so she went to Mandalay as she wished and died on the road yesterday,” she said.

The body of Lia Huaiboih, who was killed by the military council force, was brought back to her village of Pyidawtha and will be buried according to Christian customs at 3:00 p.m. today. Last August, a man from MunLai Ward, Kalaymyo, was seriously injured when he was beaten to death by military council troops while walking around the town.

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