August 14, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

According to local residents, a bomb blast took place this morning near the Joy restaurant near the intersection of Kalay Station, next to a garbage can, and a civilian was injured and died. Today, August 14, at around 8:00 a.m., while cleaning up garbage in front of Joy Restaurant, a 39-year-old Chin man, Loong Langthang, was taken to the hospital after having both legs severed by a bomb blast, but died, according to a local resident.

“He was cleaning in front of the store, and after he finished, he cleaned the side of the garbage bin again to make it clean. He didn’t know there was a bomb there, and while cleaning, the bomb exploded,” said the resident. After the incident, the injured patient was immediately taken to the hospital, but he died at the hospital. According to local residents, after the bomb blast, military council forces and the police arrived in large numbers and cleared the bomb blast site.

The locals are worried because of the bomb explosion near the place where the civilians are walking, and the locals said that they do not know who planted the bomb. In the past few days, bomb explosions have been happening on the side of the road where there are many pedestrians in Kalaymyo, and on August 8, a Chin man was killed by a bomb explosion near the Tahan-Letpanchaung highway.

Source: Khonumthung

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