U Ne Win, a former dictator of the terrorist army, and U Aung Kyaw Myint, a businessman importer of military equipment for the Air Force, were shot dead in Chin Shwe Haw, northern Shan State. Around October 27-28, while the Northern Alliance troops were raiding Chin Shwe Haw town. Businessman U Aung Kyaw Myint was shot and killed while he was with the militia under the military army, and he was shot directly in the forehead and died on the spot.

U Aung Kyaw Myint is a director of Omini Focus Company, which is owned by the grandchildren of former dictator U Ne Win, and who imports military equipment for the air force of the terrorist military army. It is learned that U Aung Kyaw Myint not only supported the military coup, but also incited through social networks to kill the People’s Revolution forces and PDFs without leaving them alive.

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