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On the morning of August 10, in Taungfila Ward, Kalay town, Sagaing Region, two men riding a motorcycle turned back when they saw the military council soldiers. “When the military council troops were conducting an inspection, two boys came on a motorcycle. When they saw the soldiers, they turned back and were shot. One died on the spot. One was wounded in the arm.”

The person who died is from Kale Township, 28-year-old Salai Cung Lian Bik, who lives in Indaingkone Ward (formerly Hmun tha new village), was killed by a bullet in the head. He and his friend were shot when they were returning from a meal at the Taungphila Ward employee housing. It is reported that the soldiers of the military council went to the side of the city in two cars and opened fire.

Local peoples said that these days, military council troops are conducting strict checks in Kalay town and are also checking mobile phones. Last August 3, while the Military Council troops were inspecting the pedestrians, local defense forces attacked, killing four Military Council soldiers and injuring a civilian, according to local residents.

Source: People’s Spring

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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