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According to reports, 2 Kuki volunteers were killed and 12 others were injured in a heavy firefight between Meitei terrorist armed forces and armed Kuki village volunteers on Saturday, August 5, in the forward area of Pholjang village of Kuki area adjacent to Meitei area around Kwakta, Bishnupur district, Manipur State.

Two Kuki volunteers, Jangkhomang Haokip (38) S/o Mangjalet of G. Mongjang and Lalkholen Guite (34) S/o Khupthang of Khamenlok were killed in the firing. Haokip died of a mortar wound, but Guite was shot dead by a sniper. According to reports, at least three Meitei armed groups were shot dead and seven others, including police commandos, were injured.

About 12 Kuki volunteers were injured in the firing. The injured are Kamneilun (23) from Kangvai; Tongminthang (33) from Gothol; Janggoulun (25) Tuibong Gibeon from Tuibong. Thanglet ( 47 ) Jamkhongam from Bijang ( 49 from S. Phaipijang ); Haolenmang (27) B. Aijalon, Momon (38) by T. Champhai; Lunminthang (35) from S. Cananveng; Jangminthang (37) by K. Salbung; Thangjalun (38) of Zomi Colony and Thangkam (52) of Gamphajang. All the injured are undergoing treatment at Churacandpur District Hospital. Meitei armed groups also burnt abandoned homes of Kukis in Ukhatampak village near Kwakta area.

Tension erupted in S. Boljang area near Haolai Khopi due to continuous attacks in Pholjang area. A large number of women gathered in Haolai Khopi village and attempted to vandalize the abandoned Meitei houses in the Bangla area in the afternoon. However, at Torbung Bangla, security personnel opened fire to disperse the crowd. At Haolai Khopi, a violent clash broke out between women and security personnel. However, no injuries were reported in the incident.

Source: The Hills Journal

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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