The People’s Defense Force, No. (1) Soldier region officially announced that 50 members of the Terrorist Military Council were killed, 21 surrendered, and 3 members of the People’s Defense Forces were killed in the town capture battle in Kawlin District, Sagaing Region.

From about (4:00 a.m.) on November 3rd to about (7:00 p.m.) on November 5th, the battle of Kawlin town took place. About 50 people were killed on the side of the Military council and 21 prisoners of war were surrendered. It was reported that it was seized.

In Kawlin town, a force of 57 officers led by Lt. Col. Thet Paing Myint of the 369th War Council of the Terrorist Military Council was at the high school, a force of 40 was led by Lt. Col. Thein Zaw Lin of the 111th, 120th Ward of the Terrorist Military Council at the General Administration Office, and a 66-man police force led by Deputy Police Chief Than Lwin (township commander) was at the police station, Shwe Nwe Phyo tea shop, and the railway station. It is reported that it is deployed and controlled.

The attack was carried out by the National Unity Government (NUG), the Ministry of Defense (MOD), the Kawlin District Command Office under the command of the No. (1) Military Region, the Kawlin District No. (1) Battalion, the No. (2) Battalion, the Sagaing Division (PDF), the Kawlin District/Township (PDF) and the Federal Wings. 4 and Winto Township (PDF) Joint Team was responsible.

During the 3 days of the city capture battle, 49 airstrikes were carried out by the Jet Fighters from the Air Force of the Terrorist Military Council and the Mi-35 helicopters from Tah Kah Yah -606 in Kantbalu. It was released by the Office of the Chief of Staff.

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