The Rakhine Army (AA) released a video recording that the AA intercepted the Khah Mah Zah (205) battalion under the 22nd Division, which had come to provide reinforcements to Minpya, Rakhine State, killing many soldiers and seizing weapons and ammunition. On January 20th, Rakhine Army (AA) was able to cut off and attack the Khah Mah Zah (205) battalion under the 22nd Division of the Terrorist Military Council Army, which came to Minpya town as reinforcements.

In addition, the Rakhine Army said that the support equipment dropped from the Y8 plane by the Military Council Army was captured by the Rakhine Army. Along with the ‘1027 Operation’ the AA has been attacking simultaneously in the town of Minpya, Kyauktaw, Myauk Oo Rathe Taung, and Rambe the places where the fighting has resumed since November 13th, and the AA has an advantage in all the town, according to front-line sources.

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