It is reported that 13 people were killed and 8 children were killed when the military council deliberately attacked Welu village in Mutupi Township, Southern Chin State at around 7:00 pm last night without a fight. As a result of the military council’s bombardment, 18 houses in Welu village were destroyed, 2 classrooms and 2 churches were reportedly destroyed. “It is assumed that the number of injured people and the death toll may increase further,” he said.

Education CDM teacher U Ha lawng was bombed by a plane while he was teaching children to study at night. U Thiem Naing (35 years old), U Ha lawng (34 years old), Mg. Sha Muyal (12 years old), Mg. Kee Nong(9 years old); Mg. Nyan Win Aung (7 years old), Ma Limore (5 years old); Mg. Thang Hung (11 years old); Ma Khaing Za Tin (11 years old), Ma San San (7 years old) and Mg Bui Kung (7 years old) are included.

According to the latest reports, there are 4 women who were injured, including Daw Khe Cham. Daw Kui Cham, We have received news that Daw Pam Som and Ma Ling Kui are participating. In the destruction of Welu village, the school and surrounding areas are said to have suffered more damage.

A local resident said that some people were seriously injured and the death toll may rise due to the airstrikes. Welu Village is located between Mutupi – Paletwa Township, about 50 miles away from Mutupi town. According to the 2014 census, there are around 80 households and around 500 people living in the village. A local man told Tongsan Media that there are no local defense forces living in the bombed Welu village, and there are no military council troops stationed in the village.

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