Former US President Donald Trump was jailed for 20 minutes in an Atlanta jail on charges of forcing him to change his answer in the 2020 Georgia election on August 24.

Felton County Jail records were leaked in which Trump was asked to stare into the camera and was given prison number P01135809. After spending 20 minutes in jail, Donald Trump took a private jet from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to his New Jersey golf club, where he lives.

Donald Trump, who is 77 years old and has announced that he will be re-elected as president in the upcoming November 2024 election, was the first person to be tried for a crime in the history of the US president. He has been indicted on 13 charges, including colluding with gangs to reduce the votes of Joe Biden’s Democratic Party members.

Trump has denied the charges, saying all 18 of his co-accused were politically motivated. Currently, there are a lot of fake mugshots of Trump in jail, but people have yet to see the real photo.

Source: CNN

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