Naypyidaw Air Force source said that IL 76 cargo planes from Russia and Belarus landed directly in the Naypyidaw Air Force Base and continuously delivered military equipment. An IL 76 cargo plane carrying military equipment from Russia landed directly in Naypyidaw Ala Air Base at 11:50 PM on May 24. The plane was parked at Naypyidaw Aela Air Force Base for about 3 to 4 days, after which it took off again.

Similarly, on the afternoon of May 24, the Russian cargo plane IL 76 from Belarus directly connected to Naypyidaw Ala Air Force Base and departed on the morning of May 25. On May 21, a Russian cargo plane IL 76 from Belarus came to Naypyidaw and returned with military equipment.

“All the planes from Russia and Belarus come directly, stop in India and land directly at Naypyidaw Air Force Base. The items carried were dropped into the Naypyidaw Air Force Base. Even if you look at the air force from a distance, you can see the cargo planes coming from Russia and Belarus. The planes that came were all cargo IL 76s,” said a source from Naypyidaw Air Force Base.

Naypyidaw Military News Ward has learned that after the Terrorist Military Council increased its relations with Russia, there have been a lot of secret activities, especially military cooperation.

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