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Chin State, In Kanpalet Township, Chin Defense Force (CDF); Kanpalet CDF announced that 16 members of the Military Council (SAC) were killed in clashes between the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) and the Military Council. Kanpalet Township, the joint army attacked the military council army that came to deliver food to Cindwe town and the military council army that left Kanpalet town after training.

It is reported that the military council army with more than 300 troops marching towards Cindwe town is currently near the new village of Laidoh. On July 21, a battle broke out between this column and the allied joint forces between Masattui village and Mau Chaung village, resulting in the death of four members of the military council and many wounded.

During the battle, the side of the joint forces informed that there was no end to the damage. Today (July 24th) in the morning, a battle broke out near the new village of Mau Chaung and Laidoh, and it was announced that seven members of the military council were killed. It is reported that four members of the joint forces were injured during the battle.

Kanpalet Township, Kanpalet CDF announced that there was a battle with the military council army near the airstrip this morning. It has been reported that one CDF soldier was killed and 1 was injured in the encounter with the column that was returning from the camp at Kanpalet town.

Yesterday (July 23rd), the military council army and the column clashed near Katen Creek below Parkon village, and the military council army announced that five people were killed. In yesterday’s battle, the CDF side suffered no casualties, but it has been reported that a civilian lost his life when he was hit by a mine in the Military Council prison.

The Kanpalet CDF, which has been fighting the military council since the beginning of the Spring Revolution, has informed that it needs physical and mental support and has asked the public to support and help.

Source: Khitthit Media

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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