The MNDAA officially announced that more than 150 military council camps in northern Shan State have been captured by the Kokang MNDAA forces. Yesterday, on November 16th, the Northern Alliance forces, on the 21st day of the 1027 operation, once again captured the military council army camp in Kho thang area of Kokang, Tongshan region.

At present, the MNDAA and Allied forces have captured a total of more than 150 large and small army bases of the Military Council. On November 15th, the Kokang Northern Alliance Army (MNDAA) attacked and occupied the military council camp near Maw tike village in Honshin (Mowtee) area of Kokang district and cleared the military council camp between the Hon Lake area and Mawtee area and was able to re-open the communication route.

By the morning of November 15th, the MNDAA had captured the military council camp and strategic hill each on Shing Ping Kai, Loon Phon Shwe, Maw Taik Sai Kyaw sham and Taling Ke Taung. At 2:00 p.m. on that day, they attacked the military council camp in Maw Taik tha shiang Taung and an hour later, it was learned that the camp was captured and some weapons and ammunition were seized.

It is reported that all military council camps in the current Maw Taik area have been completely cleared, and the northern area of Kokang district has been expanded to Maw Taik and Chongkan in the northern area of Kokang district. Similarly, on November 10th, at about 9:00 am, the MNDAA began to attack the military council camp in Lauksu Kyu Hill and surrounded the camp.

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