It is reported that Let Min Thang @ Ko Thangboi, about 30 years old, who lives in Ward (12/B) Tamu town, Sagaing Division, was arrested and killed by disciples of Pyu Saw Htee leader Peaceful Paiting group on February 8th. It is reported that Ko Thangboi is taking refuge in a village near Moreh town, India to escape the war. His brother said that on February 8th, he was arrested by the Pyu Saw Htee group at the 14th bridge of Tamu – Moreh border after he went to pick up monkey nuts (Zawngtah) at his home in the neighborhood where he lives.

A family member also said that they took him to the forest near the bridge, killed him for no reason near the shrine, and hid his body so that no one would see it. His older brother continued to say that because he was late in learning about his death, they were able to perform his funeral on February 11 today.

According to the residents, Pyu Saw Htee’s disciples, Peaceful Painting group, have opened a gate at Tamu 14 Bridge, and they are begging locals for dirty money and arresting and killing suspects. Ko Thangboi’s father also died in 2023 of the 96 disease in the village near More, India where he was fleeing the war.

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