It is reported that the Military Council army, which was about 200 strong in order to regain control of Khampat town occupied by the revolutionary forces of Sagaing Division, was defeated by the counter-attack of the joint revolutionary forces and retreated on the morning of December 16.

The Ministry of Defense of NUG announced that the military council forces were jointly repulsed by the People’s Defense Army (PDF), Sagaing Division Special Battalions, District Battalions, (Phah Kah Pah) and Revolutionary Forces under the command of No. (1) Military Region. The Ministry of Defense has stated that they have found more than 10 bodies of the enemy, including an officer, while clearing the area.

I contacted a revolutionary soldier in Khampat and asked, “We have now found more than 20 bodies and guns have been found. At first, their platoon leader also ran away,” he said. 1 MA-10 RPG7 from the Military Council; 1 MG-3 It is said that 17 weapons including 1 MA-S1 MK2 were captured.

Since early December, the military council has been patrolling the city of Khampat, and has been bombarded repeatedly by air, and as the resistance forces cooperated and attacked, the military council’s army was injured and the army retreated and fled, according to local residents.

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