The Myanmar Military Council, which has been ruling under an emergency period of martial law, has been extended for another 6 months today. After holding a meeting of the Defense and Security Council today, the Military Council issued a statement on January 31st that “the state of emergency has been extended for another 6 months.”

After the coup d’état on February 1, 2021, on the pretext of working in accordance with the 2008 constitution, the emergency period was repeatedly extended to 6 months, and this is the 5th time. At the end of July last year, it was extended for 6 months for the last time.

Shortly after the coup in April 2021, General Zaw Min Tun, spokesman for the Military Council, said that the emergency period cannot last longer than 2 years. After saying this, it was repeatedly extended by 6 months due to unusual circumstances.

At the same time as the state of emergency is extended, Sagaing division, Chin state not curved Tanintharyi Division, Bago division, Mon state, Martial law has been declared in nearly 40 townships in Karen state and Kayah states, and curfews are still in place in some townships. As the military council has promised to extend the state of emergency for another 6 months, there are speculations that the state of emergency may be further delayed.

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