During the 6-month fighting in Karen State this year, 5 army battalion commanders; 5 lieutenant commanders 9 captains 4 lieutenants The KNU center officially announced today that a total of 2,632 soldiers, including 5 non-commissioned officers, were killed.

2023 In the 6 months from January 1st to June 30th, KNU: Karen National Liberation Army (K.N.L.A) in the areas administered by the Karen National Union. Karen National Defense Force (K.N.D.O); According to the statement, 2,495 large and small skirmishes took place between the joint forces under the military command of the KNLA and KNDO and the forces of the military coup d’état.

During these battles, 5 battalion commanders from the coup terrorist military council 5 deputy commanders 9 captains 4 lieutenants A total of 2,632 soldiers, including 5 non-commissioned officers, died. A total of 1,685 people were injured, including a lieutenant commander from the army side. It has been reported that 99 vehicles used for the operation by the violent fascist council forces were destroyed. During the fighting, K.N.L.A. It is reported that 76 soldiers from the K.N.D.O joint forces sacrificed their lives for the country and people, and 257 were injured.

KNU-Karen National Union fighting is taking place every day in the Kothulei administrative area. The KNU center has announced that the number of people displaced by the war has reached 599,400 in the Kothulei-administered areas, and the people who have fled the war are facing many difficulties because the coup-terrorist military council forces are committing various forms of war crimes and human rights violations.

Source: Maung Media

Translated: Tongsan Admin

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