According to local residents, more than 60 soldiers from the Military Council Battalion based in Minpya, Rakhine State surrendered to the Rakhine Army (AA) at 9:00 a.m. today, February 6. A local resident of Minpya said that in Minpya, where the fighting is fierce, the Military Council attacked at least 30 times with helicopters. This morning, the Rakhine Army (AA) attacked and captured some battalions, and a large number of Military Council troops surrendered.

“Yes, they surrendered. They were families, and AA took them away in cars. Among them were women and children. I heard that the 379th Battalion and the 541st Battalion of Minpya were also captured this morning,” said a local. It is reported that the military council forces who surrendered came with their family members, and the Rakhine Army (AA) took 2 cars the first time and 1 car the second time, for a total of 3 cars.

The 9th Training Center of the Military Council is located in Min Pya. On January 28th, the AA attacked and captured the 380th battalion of the Military Council. The remaining Military Council battalions were attacked and some of the battalions were captured.

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