PSLF/TNLA News and Information has announced that TNLA has attacked and captured 3 terrorist army camps in Namkham Township of Shan State. On October 27th, around 4:00 am, the 1st Brigade of TNLA Brigade in Namkham Township, Namkham Township, Namkham-Namphat Highway, 13 Mile Camp, 12 Mile Camp, and Man Mai Camp (Microwave Tower Camp) were attacked and captured by Taang Army PSLF/TNLA.

Similarly, the TNLA Brigade’s 6th Military Region, La Shio Township, Mine Khew Camp and Tin Tan Camp were also attacked by Taang Army PSLF/TNLA at around 5:20 am today. The terrorist army also fired 7 jet fighters, 5 Mi-35 attack missiles, and 12 times 120/105 howitzer cannons at the battle sites.

During the battle, 18 bodies of military council soldiers and M16 – 3 carp fire – 1 MA4 – 2 MA3 – 11 60MM – 2 pistols – 1 grenade – 200 M9 – 7 RPG – 50 60MM bombs – 30 60MM ammunition – 100 mines – 4 bullets – 10,000 (more than ten thousand) and many military equipments were confiscated.

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