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Magwe Division, Yesago Township, Ye Hle Kyun, It is reported that one person was killed in an exchange of fire between local defense groups in the Middle Island area this morning (August 4). The 27 years old Maung Chan, the leader of a revolutionary group called the MG 6 Guerrilla Army, was killed in the exchange of fire that lasted for about half an hour.

It is said that the guerrilla force is from Myan Kyan District, Mandalay Division, on the other side of the Irrawaddy River, and is settling in the area of Ye Hle Kyun area, Yesayo Township. Yesterday night, the MG 6 team raided the home of a village manager of the People’s Administration Organization (PAA) and today, until the revolutionary groups opened fire, said a person from the People’s Defense Force (PDF) of Yesayo Township who did not want to be named.

“When the village father was not at home, two unknown children and his wife were captured by MG 6. So the forces in the middle of the water can’t stand it anymore and ask for it back. When I didn’t give it, the shooting happened,” said the 13-year-old, the wife of the village father in charge. Two 6-year-old children were said to have been captured by the MG 6 guerrilla group.

The leader of the MG 6 guerilla group was killed and two members of the group were captured in an exchange of fire this morning when the resistance forces based in the Midland Island requested the release of three family members who had been arrested. The MG 6 Guerrilla group in the middle of the water island has carried out kidnappings, robbery The above-mentioned PDF member also said that he has filed a complaint with the National Unity Government (NUG) Ministry of Defense due to frequent drug dealings.

“That group often makes arrests and asks for money. A monk and two people disappeared. And their car is being driven by MG 6. To tell the truth, their bad things, The bullying cases increased and the villages in the middle of the water island couldn’t stand it anymore. This happened.” Regarding the above information, MG 6 has not yet seen any response from the group, and the group has not yet been contacted.

Source: Myanmar Now

Translated: Tongsan Media Team

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