Rakhine Army (AA) spokesman U Khaing Thukha said that all military council battalions in Minpya Township, Rakhine State have been captured and controlled. you plate U Khaing Thukha answered a question about the situation in which the military council battalions in Kyauktaw and Myauk Oo are being continuously attacked and occupied by AA in the evening today (February 6). “Our Rakhine Army has captured and controlled all the military council battalions in Min Pya. Area clearance is ongoing. The rest of the details will be released soon,” U Khaing Thukha said.

According to local sources, hundreds of members of the Military Council and their family members, including the commander of the No. 379 Infantry Battalion (Khah Mah Yah -379), which is the remaining battalion of the Military Council Army, surrendered their weapons and the Rakhine Army (AA) was able to capture it on February 5. “An official report will be released. The surrender of the entire battalion is 100 percent true,” said a source close to the AA.

There are Khah Mah Yah (380), Khah Mah yah (379) and Khah Mah Yah (541) in Minpya, and Khah Mah Yah (380) was completely captured by the Rakhine Army on January 28. Local military sources said that Khah Mah Yah (541) was also captured in the last few days, and Khah Mah Yah (379) was captured on February 5. However, the AA has not yet reported that it has taken over 541. “The commander has surrendered. The AA has been blocking the battalions in Minpya for a long time. It seems that they have surrendered because they cannot resist,” said a local.

All three infantry battalions of the Military Council Army from Minpya town are under the No. (9) Operational Command Headquarters (SK-9). It is reported that the commander of the 9th Division is Brigadier General Aung Aung. As a result, AA was able to capture all three military council battalions in Minpya town, and some local residents said that there is no military council camp left in Minpya town.

In Rakhine State, there are 10 Khmer battalions under the 9th Saka. After the AA captured the 379th and 541st battalions from Min Pia, 8 battalions have already been captured, and only two battalions are left to be captured: the 375th Battalion in Kyauktaw and the 377th Battalion in Myauk Oo.

The Rakhine Army has been blocking and attacking the military council battalions from Min Pya and Myauk Oo townships, which border each other, since last November 2023, when Operation 1027 began. The military council’s departmental offices in those two cities have not been able to open since November, and they are taking refuge in the military council battalions.

AA has been taking over military council battalion headquarters. The Khah Mah Yah (378) from Myauk Oo town was captured by the Khah Mah Yah (540) battalion on February 5th, and the Khah Mah Yah (540) battalion was captured by the Khah Mah Yah AA on January 30. As a result, there are currently only 377 Kah Mah Yah and 31 police battalions left in Myauk Oo town. Some local residents said that Khah Mah Yah (377) often attacked people’s residences with heavy weapons.

Similarly, in Kyauktaw town, Khah Mah Yah (374) and Khmer (376) have been confiscated by AA. As a result, the three northern alliances announced on the night of February 5 that only 375 Khah Mah Yah (375) remained to be captured by the AA in Kyauktaw town.

On February 4, the three groups announced that the Rakhine Army is continuing to attack some camps in Myauk Oo, Min Pya and Kyauktaw Townships, which the Military Council is 100% sure to lose.

In addition, AA launched an offensive against the two Taungpyu (left-right) camps in Maungdaw town on the Bengladesh – Rakkhai border. On February 4th, the Taungpyu (right) camp was completely captured, and the remaining Taungpyu (left) camp was also captured today, according to some local news outlets.

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