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According to the Myanmar war refugees, the Indian government is collecting biographical information under the pretext of registering them so that they can live and move freely in Mizoram state. The Indian government has been collecting biographic data since last July and will continue to collect the data until next September.

“They took an eye scan with a computer. Collected detailed information such as fingerprints. The children in the refugee camps also collected records. We have no right to refuse. People close to the collection of bio-records say that registration will be issued once the bio-data is collected. And they should be allowed to live freely in India. He said that in the future, it could become a form of a UN card. A man in charge of evacuation said.

In addition, it has been organized to collect biological information in order to identify the population of refugees entering Mizoram state from Manipur state and to arrest and prosecute Burmese refugees who hold fake registration. It is known that most of the IDP camps in Mizoram state have already collected biological data, but some IDP camps have refused to collect biological data, according to IDP officials.

“In refugee camps with a large population, everything has been collected. The Samui military evacuation camp did not accept it and did not pick it up. The military evacuation camp has not been picked up yet. And IDPs living in the city have not yet collected their biological information,” said the man in charge of Myanmar IDPs.

Biometric information includes fingerprints, face pictures eye scans; DNA profile; On July 30, the India For Myanmar organization issued a strong objection to the collection of biological information from Myanmar war refugees and to stop it immediately.

The press release stated that the forced biographical recording of Myanmar refugees is a violation of private freedom, and it is the use of technology to store the different unique physical (or behavioral) characteristics of individuals and record them individually. Similarly, in Myanmar, the coup military council It is known that some states are collecting biological data, and criticism among human rights activists is on the rise.

Source: Ayeyawaddy Times

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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