The information officer of the Urban Revolutionary Front (U.R.F) said that the United Revolutionary Forces announced today (Nov. 18) that they will capture the Military Council’s Setdaw pagoda strategic hill and 8 military bases in Mobye, the border between Shan State and Karenni State.

On November 15th, the People’s Defense Army (PDF) under the Southern Shan State of the Central Division of the People’s Defense Army (PDF) and the KNDF under the command of the People’s Defense Army (PDF) in a joint military operation, announced that on November 15, the No. 518 Infantry Battalion (Khah Mah yah -518) under the No. 2 Operation Command Headquarters (Kah Mah Yah -518) deployed in a military base.

Mobye – The military outposts and support stations in the remote areas were attacked and captured from 5:00 a.m. on November 11. It was reported that they were able to capture 8 military bases in Wari Suphalai, Dun Duthang, Puaikong 3, Puaikong 1, Nyang Wai, Peking Kokhu, Songkang, Sekar 2, and 8 military bases in village areas. It is reported that the army fired more than 500 times with heavy weapons and 2 times with jet fighter, killing (4) civilians and injuring (6) civilians in the area of Mobye – Phekhong.

It was reported that between November 11th and November 15th, when the “11.11 Operation” began in Mobye, the military council carried out 26 airstrikes. On November 15th, the Loilen Air Force of the military council fired 15 rounds of artillery fire and the Phekong army fired about 50 times. It is understood that the processes related to the clearing of the area by the allied revolutionary forces are being carried out.

The revolutionary forces in Mobye – Phekong region are the Central Military Region, Southern Shan Strategy (1) Battalions (1001) Battalion MB-1, (1002) Battalion PK-1, (1006) Battalion PK-2, (1007) Battalion MB2, (1004) PKS PDF; Shan Mountain Strategy (2) battalions are (1003) battalion, (1005) battalion, (1008) battalion, (1009) battalion 2, (1011) battalion; KNDF Strategy (1) The revolutionary forces including KNDF BO-3, KNDF BO-11, KNDF BO-22 and the Urban Revolutionary Front (U.R.F) started “Mobye Operation 11.11” on November 11, 2023.

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