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The military leader is reportedly summoning his confidants, lieutenant generals Moe Myint Tun and Soe Thut, about financial matters. According to a source close to the military headquarters, among the top military officials arrested and interrogated by the Military Council, including three banks, are Lieutenant General Moe Myint Tun and Union Cabinet Minister Lieutenant General Soe Thut under house arrest.

Among those arrested and examined by the military council are Admiral Mo Aung and other top officials. This is being investigated after the military council replaced Interior Minister Lt. Gen. Soe Thut as a minister in the Union Cabinet. “The minister Lieutenant General Soe Thut was told to stay at home because he was allowed to take medicine. What we know is that it is related to dollar transactions. The military leader is also reading the letters about his business,” said an official close to the military headquarters.

It was reported that Lieutenant General Soe Thut was promoted to Union Minister from the Ministry of Home Affairs, which was an important position, because he was suffering from colon cancer. In addition to being nominated for the post of Commander-in-Chief of Defense, Lieutenant General Mo Myint Tun, the military leader’s closest confidant, was also appointed. import It is reported that he is being arrested and investigated regarding dollar issues.

Lieutenant General Mo Myint Tun, a confidant of the military leader, is one of the people who has gained importance and important positions in a short period of time without having done anything important and successful.

According to military sources, after the military council arrested and interrogated the businessmen, top military officials who were mainly involved in these businesses were also arrested and examined. It is reported that the reason for the arrest and interrogation of the lieutenant generals, who are close to the military leader, is that they were dishonestly following the rules and regulations established regarding the exchange of US dollars.

Source: Ayeyarwaddy Times

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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