The People’s Defense Forces started attacking the Myauksi police station in the southern part of Kalay Town, Sagaing Region at around 6:00 a.m. on November 3rd, and managed to capture it on the morning of November 4th. After the camp was seized, 9 bodies were found by the military council, and three soldiers from the revolutionary forces (PDFs) were also killed. On the side of the joint revolutionary forces (PDFs), one soldier from VAKOK-CNDF and two soldiers from Ranger Kalay Defend Force – RKDF were killed. The camp was raided by Kale District Battalion (4th) CNDF, CDF, KKG, Kale Township People’s Defense Force (RKDF) and allied forces.

The Government of National Unity, Ministry of Defense announced today (November 9th) that about 20 various weapons, ammunition, bombs, ammunition, military equipment, police and military council force uniforms were seized during the attack and occupation of Myauksi Police Station in Kale City. In addition to the Myauksi Police Station, on November 3rd, revolutionary groups also stormed and captured Prison Camps (1) and (2) near the town of Yazagyo on the Kale – Tamu Asia Highway. In addition, on the same day, the Regional Command Headquarters (Kale), No. (228) Infantry Battalion, and No. (644) Military Equipment Platoon in Kale Township were simultaneously bombed by the Kale District Public Defense Team and the Urban Planning UG Drone Team with 5 drones.

Similarly, on the morning of November 3, the military council camp in Khampat town and the military council camp in Wihtok village were heavily attacked and the PDFs and revolutionary forces captured both Khampat town and Wittok camp. Currently, in addition to Kale Township, fighting is on going in Tamu Township and Gangaw Township, which are connected to the region.

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