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The TNLA released a report yesterday evening that the battle between the Taang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Military Council army continued in Lashio Township, Northern Shan State. After clashes between the two sides occurred near Nam Long village in Lashio Township on August 9 and 10, another battle broke out near Holong village on August 11.

Starting from the evening of August 11th, TNLA launched an offensive attack on the Military council camp, killing 16 Khah Lah Yah -68 under the Military council. Khah Mah Yah / Kha Lah Yah – 17 informs that there was a fierce battle with about 60 collective forces. Yesterday’s press release stated that the Military Council is sending a large number of reinforcements to the battle near Holong village in the TNLA Brigade (6th) military area.

Regarding the current Military situation, I contacted some officials of the TNLA Information Department, but they have not yet been contacted. It was stated in the previous TNLA press release that there were casualties among the Military Council during the battle in Lashio Township, but the number is still unknown. However, it was not revealed whether or not there were casualties in yesterday’s battle.

The TNLA and the Military Council forces clashed at least 12 times in July and August. Lashio, There were clashes in Muse, Kut Khaing and Kyauk Me townships, some of which were attacked by the Military Council and some of which were attacked by the TNLA.

Source: People’s Spring

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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