The Ta’ang Army (TNLA) has announced that it has seized ammunition and medicine dropped by the military council in Lashio Township in northern Shan State. In the past, the TNLA had captured the ammunition dropped by the military council on the May Khew military base in Lashio Township, and now it has been seized again.

Today, the military council announced that 13 boxes of medicine and ammunition were shot down by a support aircraft to drop weapons and ammunition to the mine hunting camp in Lashio Township. The TNLA also informed that this morning they captured a military council camp in Nung In Village, Nam Kham Township. At 10:50 a.m., they were able to capture the Tarkun military camp, but they did not get any weapons and ammunition, and the situation of the military council troops’ casualties was not reported.

In addition, it was reported that there was a battle between the TNLA and the Military Council at the intersection of Jin sant Neng road in Muse Township this afternoon. The TNLA captured at least 37 military council camps, police stations and militia stations during the 1027 operation.

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