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The 13th ZCMF-USA Conference was held July 25-27, 2023, hosted and sponsored by Calvary Zomi Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. We heard from teacher Billy Camp Tulsa that 91 serving teachers from the United States and some other countries were able to attend.

All the participants of the conference were accommodated in the best hotel by the host church. He said that he fulfilled his responsibilities so that there was no shortage of food in the operation. ZCMF-USA was formed in 2010 in Tulsa to commemorate the 100th anniversary of J.H. Cope’s arrival in the Motherland.

Since then, the conference has been held every year. The ZCMF-USA Association has decided to honor the members of the United States and Myanmar in accordance with the ZCMF-USA rules, said Mr. Billy Camp. The conference will be held in Tennessee in 2024. (2023-2025) It is reported that the new Executive Committee and Ordinance Committee have been appointed as follows.

Executive Committee (2023-2025)

  • President- Rev. Dr. David Suan Za Lian
  • Vice President – Rev. Khai Khaw Pau
  • Secretary – Rev. Dr. Dal Deih Piang
  • Asst. Secretary- Rev. Ngin Alh Thang
  • Treasurer – Rev. Hang Za Tung
  • Auditor – Rev. Khual Deih Lian
  • Accountant – Rev. Gin Sawm Thang
  • Members: Sm. Nem Sian Uap
  • Rev. Dr. Hau Za Cin
  • Rev. Vung Do Khen Cing
  • Rev. Pau Khan Khai

Ordination Council (2023-202)

  • Rev. Dr. David Suan Za Lian – Co-ordinator
  • Rev. Dr. Dal Deih Piang
  • Rev. Hang Za Tung
  • Rev. Zam King Mang
  • Rev. Dr. Chin Khua Khai
  • Rev. Dr. Thang Cin Pau
  • Rev. Dr. Kham Khan Khai
  • Rev. Dr. Chin Khaw Kham
  • Rev. Dr. Lian Sian Mung
  • Rev. Thang Lian Kap
  • Rev. Dr. Kham Do Thang
  • Rev. Nang Kim Mang
  • Rev. Dr. Nang Khen Khup
  • Rev. Dr. Thang Za Pau

Reported by: Sia Billy Kampi, Tulsa- USA

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