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The Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) lied to others, including the priest of the Catholic Church in Tongzang, and offered peace to the Chin Defense Forces (Tonzang). Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) contacted by phone to discuss peace, Chin Defense Force (Tonzang) accepted, military uniforms, weapons without security. The Chin Defense Force (Tonzang) said that after the two sides had agreed to have face-to-face talks in Lungtak Village, and the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) did not come.

“Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) did not come on the appointed day. Negotiated peace is no longer successful. He told me that he had lied, so he called the sitting priest. They stayed on the town of Tonzang and raised the flag of the Zomi Revolutionary Army on the tower over the town. Then they settle down at the fire station. In the afternoon, they are on the rampage in the town of Tonzang. They even beat up the locals who were passing by,” Secretary-General and Spokesperson of the Chin Defense Force (Tonzang) Thang Suan Mung told the Media.

Due to the peace talks, the Chin Defense Force (Tonzang) relaxed the security gates on the entrance routes to the city, and the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) took advantage of this opportunity to infiltrate and deploy troops into the town of Tonzang, according to the Chin Defense Force (Tonzang). In addition, it is known that the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) have offered to discuss peace again, and that this peace is only a lie in order for the ZRA to send their troops into the Tonzang town.

“Due to the security situation at the appointed place, the roads leading to Tonzang are no longer closed. With that, 30 of them sneaked into the city. Then he lied again saying let’s do it again on the 3rd. I still haven’t realized that I lied like that. I know later. And we accepted it. Within those 3 days, they were able to send 20 more soldiers into the city of Tonzang,” continued Thang Suan Mung.

Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) attacked a fully armed Chin Defense Force (CDF) camp 2 miles away from the town of Tonzang, resulting in the death of one member of the Chin Defense Force (Tonzang) and the loss of food, including a drone. It is reported that some weapons and ammunition were confiscated.

Source: Ayeyarwaddy Times

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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