France’s famous Bayeux battlefield reporter award, Haiti, Myanmar, Get information on conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. The filmmakers won. According to AFP news, British-Italian freelance photojournalist Siegfried Modola, who secretly infiltrated Myanmar after the 2021 military coup, has been awarded the prize.

His photo essay about the Karen revolution against the Burmese military council was featured in Canada’s Globe and Mail. It took me two years to come up with a photo essay titled Inside Myanmar’s Armed uprising. The photojournalist thanked those who allowed him to tell what life was like, French radio station RFI reported on October 9.

Anthony Lloyd, a British journalist from The Times who wrote an investigation into John Cantlie, a Briton whose mother was taken hostage by ISIS in Syria in 2012, also won the award. Also receiving awards were Swiss RTS Radio and France Info reporter Maurine Mercier, who covered the story of a woman who had been raped twice in Ukraine, and a CNN crew who documented a battle between police and gangs in Haiti.

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