On October 13, a Myanmar national was arrested by the Assam Rifles along with 15 kilograms of methamphetamine worth more than 15,000,000 in Zokhawthar, a village in Zokhawthar, a border between India and Myanmar.

Mizoram News reports that the arrested person is 24-year-old Kam Biak Taung, who lives in Hai Musul Village, Titin Township, Chin State. The ecstasy pills that were seized were 150,000 units. It is reported that it weighs 15 kg and is worth 4500,000 rupees (more than 1500,000 Burmese money).

On October 7, between Zokhawthar and Melbuk villages in Zegfai district of Mizoram state, the Assam Rifles arrested 17 cases of cigarettes, 88 cases of beer, 16 cases of wine and whiskey worth more than 26 lakh rupees (900,000 kyats).

On October 3rd and October 4th, Indian authorities arrested a Myanmar national and a woman in Mizoram state along with drugs worth about 600,000 lakhs. Myanmar war victims told RFA that they are worried that the state government will impose restrictions as more Myanmar nationals have been arrested with drugs these days.

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