October 5, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

An official from Myaing PDF said that five Pyu Saw Htee terrorist soldiers were killed in an attack between the terrorist Military council unit of Pakokku Township, Magway, and Pyu leader Po Zin. On September 30th, Pakokku Township attacked a total of 5 villages of New village, South Ywaya, and North Ywaya, Yenan Chaut, and they were able to temporarily retain the villages and Yenan Chaut.

During the attack and occupation, 1 soldier of the 88th Division of the terrorist Military Council was killed, 4 others were injured, and 3 gas stations and 1 bunker of the terrorist military council army were captured. In addition, they attacked 5 boats that came up to provide reinforcements, 3 of them were damaged, and the terrorist soldiers retreated and fled. The death of the terrorist soldier is not yet known.

The attack was carried out by Pakokku District Battalion 8, Myaing-People’s Defense Force (MPDF), battalion 2, Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, Myaing Rural Guerrilla Force (MRGF) Salingyi Special Task Force (SSTF), Yin Ma Pin District, battalion 14, Battalion 15, and Earthquake People’s Defense Force (EPDF). In addition, on October 1st, an official from the Myaing PDF told to the Media Agency that they attacked the home of Pyu Saw Htee leader Pho Zin, who lives in Naung village, Nyaung Oo Township, Mandalay Region, and attacked the house of Pyu Saw Htee leader Pho Zin with 6 Enaga bomb.

On October 2nd, a large drone attacked the place where terrorist soldiers were stationed in the Ertaw oil field in Pakokku District. 20 Enaga bombs were dropped by a large drone, killing 4 terrorist soldiers and taking them to Bagan-Nyang oo side by 2 boats. On October 3, 40-50 bombs were dropped by a drone on Pyu villages in Pakokku Township, namely Taung yaya, North yaya and Yenan chaut, causing casualties and the terrorist soldiers were taken by cars to Saetkhawa village, where terrorist soldiers were stationed.

The attacks were carried out by Myaing U.A.V Fighter Drone Force, Earthquake People Defense Force Drone Force, Myaing – People’s Defense Force (MPDF) Drone Force Salingyi Special Task Force (SSTF),Myaing Division Rural Guerrilla Force (MRGF), Pakokku District battalion 8, Myaing PDF and Circuit 4 were reported to have attacked.

Source: Khit Thit

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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