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During the fighting that took place in Karenni State in September, 78 soldiers of the military council were killed, 36 small arms, the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) announced that five weapons and various ammunitions were seized. In addition, two vehicles belonging to the Military Council were destroyed by fire, one was attacked with a mine, and five prisoners of war were captured by the KNDF.

“The conditions of the battle between Fruso and Bolkhe are not over yet. Only the information that the public should know has been published. It is becoming a military issue. According to the current offensive of the military council, the battle will continue. The length of the battle will be different,” the KNDF official told to the media.

It is said that since the second week of September, the military council troops in Fruso township launched a vigorous offensive to control the main road in order to allow their convoys to pass along the Fruso – Bolkhe Union road. Makroshe from the No. (14) Grade High Military Training School based in Fruso Township. worldliness What? The military council informed that at least six columns had marched up to the villages of Praetaw and Nanfe.

The military council troops stationed in these villages and the Karenni Revolutionary Joint Forces have been fighting for almost a month since the second week of September. During the fighting, the military council’s forces suffered a lot of casualties, so the military council used warplanes to attack Nangfe Pareat and Da Lae villages. During these battles, some weapons and ammunition were seized from the military council floor by the Karenni Revolutionary Joint Forces.

About 60 vehicles of the support vehicles of the military council stationed at the No. 14 Military Training School based in Fruso Township have not been able to pass from Fruso to Bolkhe Township due to the counter-operation of the Karenni Revolutionary Joint Forces. Also in Loikaw Township, Karenni Revolutionary Joint Forces attacked 6 vehicles of the Army Corps that entered Loikaw from Shan State.

Similarly, the inspection stations of the Military Council Army in Loikaw Township were also attacked by Karenni Revolutionary Joint Forces. Also in Die Mosso Township, the Military Council troops stationed under the control of the Military Council for nearly two years in Pufa and Tay Sule villages were attacked by Karenni forces in the first week of September, killing more than 20 Military Council troops, according to the KNDF.

During these battles, the military council army came to attack for three days, but many weapons and ammunition were also seized by the Karenni joint forces. In Mae Se Township, which is controlled by the Karenni Army, the military council is firmly entrenched around the BGF camp in Panthein Village, and is able to penetrate back into Mae Se Township. The KNDF noted that the military council is patrolling the townships of fruso and Bolkhe in order to replenish human ammunition.

During September, the KNDF participated in 29 battles with the joint revolutionary forces. During September, the Military Council Army conducted 20 airstrikes in Karenni. As a result of these airstrikes, seven people were injured and one person was killed due to the heavy weapons attack. Similarly, a citizen was killed by a land mine of the military council.

(1) house due to air attack A health building (1) and a Christian church (1) school were damaged, and 2 houses were damaged due to heavy weapons. The statement also revealed that eight KNDF soldiers died on various fronts in Karenni State during September.

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