August 16, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

A major, a major, fought against terrorist soldiers who entered Lakhat Mountain in Myawati Township, Karen State. According to the Cobra Column, 15 people, including a captain, were killed, a lot of weapons and ammunition were seized, 2 soldiers of the Revolutionary Joint Force had to sacrifice their lives, and 5 soldiers were injured.

Yesterday, August 15th, starting around 3:00 in the morning, the army entered the battle line from Myawati town towards Lakhat hill, in addition to using heavy weapons and air strikes. A major from the terrorist army resisted and attacked the military council soldiers by the cobra column. 15 people, including a captain, were killed and 21 were injured. During this battle, the military council army attacked 3 times with more than 300 heavy-weapon fighter jets. Mi-35 (Attack-Helicopter) helicopters fired 3 times, according to Cobra’s statement.

1 60 mm commando gun used by the military council soldiers during the battle; 1 MA sniper 2 hands of MA4 MA3 3 hands 4 hands MA2 1 hand MA1 1 M16 53 MA ammo boxes; 4 rounds of MA2 ammunition; 2 M16 ammo boxes; 5,200 rounds of 5.56 cartridges; 2650 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammunition; 1 box of MA sniper ammunition; 36 60mm grenades; 9 RPG bombs 8 RPG shells; 57 40 mm bombs; 2 corns of carp spears, 1 communication device was seized.

Source: People’s Spring

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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