August 16, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

In the fighting that took place in Karenni State these days, a source of the Military Council’s Eastern Military Command confirmed that 3 battalion commanders, deputy battalion commanders and soldiers from the 112th Battalion and the 3rd Battalion under the command of the 55th Division based in Kalaw were killed.

During the second week of August, 16 people were killed, including the lieutenant colonel, lieutenant colonel, and major of the 3rd battalion of the 55th division in the fighting in Karenni state. In yesterday’s battle, 14 officers and soldiers of the 112th Division were killed.

“16 people, including the battalion commander and the second battalion commander, were killed in Kalaw 3rd Battalion. In addition, 14 officers and soldiers from the 112th Battalion, based in Kalaw, died yesterday. Both units are subordinate to the 55th Division. A total of 30 soldiers died. As of now, there are still Kalaw troops on the Karenni side,” said a military source.

The military council troops from Shan State are making massive offensives into Karenni State, and the army is trying to recover the camps and hillocks they have lost. It is known that there is a large-scale attack by air.

Source: Khit Thit

TRanslated: Tongsan Admin Team

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