It is reported that the local defense forces attacked the military council camp that was recently deployed in the village of Dowaichaung, Kalaymyo, Sagaing Region. Today around 4:00 am, there was an exchange of fire on both sides, and it is reported that the Military Council airtillery from Kalaymyo also fired heavy weapons.

It is reported that a 4-year-old child, Tg Mung Sawm Sang, son of U Suan Lam Pau, was killed and 3 others were injured. Later, it was learned that Pu Huam Lian Thanga, aged around 40, near where the military council was stationed, also died.

The deceased Tg. Mung Sawm Sang was going to hide in the neighboring house, which was thought to be safer than the house they were living in due to the sound of gunshots, when the weapon exploded when they reached the house. It is reported that Tg. Mung Sawm Sang was hit once in the head and hit twice in the chest and taken to the hospital where he died. The deceased’s mother and sister were also injured. The mother received two injuries on her back and the older sister suffered one injury on her arm and a broken arm bone.

“He was seriously injured in the head. He was injured in the chest and his mother’s back. Her sister had a broken arm. Now they have been sent to the hospital. When I left the house, I looked next door and saw that the roof of the house was damaged. I couldn’t look anywhere because I was so worried and scared. People were beating fireflies,” according to a person close to the deceased.

This morning, after a shootout between the Military Council Army and the Local Public Defense Joint Force near Do Wai Creek, the Military Council Army fired heavy weapons and exploded in a residential area. According to a local resident, “It seems that it is not convenient for the local public defense forces to be active because the area where the skirmishers were dropped off is in front of a residential house in the neighborhood.”

As a result of heavy firing by the Military Council Army, people from Dowaichaung, Nyaung taw Hantha, Nga Pyotaw, Pyin Gogyi, Pyidawtha and Letpanchaung village are also fleeing. It is reported that the church of the Sevenday Advantist Church in Letpanchaung village was damaged and the pastor was injured as a result of the military council firing heavy weapons.

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