A PDF official in Kale Township told Tongsan Media that the Military Council Army’s Yangyi Aung Camp in Kalay Township, Sagaing Division, was captured by the PDF joint forces this morning (November 23rd). The attack on the Yangyi Aung camp started on November 20, and there were many casualties on the side of the military council and casualties on the side of the joint revolutionary forces.

“Today at 10 o’clock in the morning, we were able to capture the Yangyi Aung camp. A lot of weapons and ammunition were seized. Details are still being listed. The military side has a lot of expenses. On our side, there are casualties and injuries. I can’t tell you the details yet,” said one of the officials of Kale Township. It is known from the local residents that when the PDF and local defense groups attacked Yan Gyi Aung Camp in Kale Township from the night of November 20th, the Military Council Army provided air support with jet fighter Mi35 helicopters several times.

“It has been reported that the Yan gyi Aung camp has been captured. In the town of Kale, the military council troops are preparing to defend themselves. “The army fired heavy weapons at the villages, so they had to dodge,” said a resident of Kale. After the capture of Yangyi Aung Camp, MA series guns 60mm Sein Git from the military council. Heavy weapons ammunition and bullets were seized by the PDF joint forces.

In the battle, 11 members of the military council were killed, and 2 members of the PDF coalition were killed. It is reported that 6 people were injured. Due to heavy weapons fire by the military council, the local people in the villages of Dowai Chaung, Nyangtaw, Nga Pyau taw, PyidawTha, Letpan Chaung, in the northern part of Kale Township are unable to harvest rain rice and are fleeing the war.

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