At 10:30 a.m. today, January 7, the Military council dropped more than ten 250-pound bombs on a Christian church in Khampat town, Tamu township, Sagaing province. As a result of the military council’s bombing, about 20 people, including 5 children, were killed and many civilians were injured, according to local residents.

“The exact details are not yet known. Among the dead are 5 minors. Many church goers were killed and injured. The detailed list of the injured is not yet known. We are urgently evacuating the injured for fear of more fighter jets. The death toll may increase,” said a local resident.

A local said that the army’s bombardment of Kanan village was due to Dalan’s tip. Kanan village, which was bombed by the military council, is located near the town of Khampat, which is occupied by the National Unity Government. Khampat town was attacked and captured by the People’s Defense Forces in early November 2023.

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