The Kokang Army (MNDAA) has recaptured the entire Kokang region, MNDAA announced today, and informs that the MNTJP and MNDAA have fulfilled the duties assigned by history. It is informed that the success of the MNTJP party members was made possible by the strong and long-term revolutionary struggle of the Kokang alliance of Tatmadaw officers and soldiers.

In addition, it was announced that not only Special Region (1) but also the sacred achievement of all the oppressed ethnic groups in the country. On January 4th, after 6 Brigadier Generals and more than 4,000 military personnel, including Lauk Kai (Dah Kah Sah Commander) surrendered, the last remaining military council in Kokang, stationed at Kokang – Nan Tin min Taung camp, surrendered again.

After the surrender, it was announced that the entire Kokang region had been recaptured. It also informs that it can be said that there is not a single soldier of the Military Council in the entire Kokang region. When the MNDAA entered the town of Kokan Laokai and conducted operations, the military council’s troops in Lauk kai (Dah Kah Sah) started to discuss and negotiate with the MNDAA on the matter of moving the army base, and finally reached a common agreement.

At noon on January 5th, it is reported that the military council troops at the Kokang -Nan Thin ming Taung camp also surrendered to the MNDAA. In the past (14) years, the military group created a crisis in the Kokang region (on August 8, 2009) and invaded the Special Region (1) Kokang area with superior weapons under the pretext of drug and weapons inspection. It is said that the Kokang ethnic self-governing power was taken by force.

The MNDAA was forced to relocate due to military strategy, and with the main goal of restoration of Special Region (1) and the restoration of autonomy, it started to develop revolutionary activities with a path such as military-political reconciliation and discussion.

The current MNDAA has recaptured the two districts of Mongko and Kokang, and has also been able to control most of Mupan (Theinni) and Kut Khaing, and has also recaptured the Hopan region.

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