September 23, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

It is known from the defense forces that 22 defense soldiers were killed while rescuing the people near the village of Chitawya in Myint mu Township, Sagaing Division. At around 8:00 pm yesterday, the military council troops raided Chaw Min village in Myint Mu Township, while evacuating the people, they were shot down on the MyintMu – Myoung road near Chitawya village, and a total of 25 people, including revolutionary soldiers and citizens, were killed, said 1 Myaung Township peoples defense force.

“Because they are defense groups, they are evacuating the people to escape. It happened to be a shopping mall. Either way, the enemy took the initiative. There was an exchange of fire,” he said. In this incident, 15 comrades of the People’s Defense Forces of Chaw Min village, 5 soldiers from Sagaing District No. 5 Battalion, 2 soldiers from Sagaing District No. 6 Battalion, and 3 civilians were killed.

1 Defense Comrade said that the relevant battalions could not equip enough weapons, so they were killed while returning to the relevant Local PDF groups. “There are 1 small hand-made pistols. The military council only has more than 30 forces. There are only handmade items, so there are no weapons,” he said.

25 PDFs were fired from the shooting. It is said that 8 hand-made guns (long) and 2 hand-made guns (short) were seized. At present, it is known that the military council column has returned to the military council army stationed at the soccer field in Myang town.

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