October 3, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

The International Mindat K’Cho Organization (IMCO) announced yesterday that three civil society organizations have jointly provided the Chin Defense Forces – Mindat with 40 AK-47 guns and related ammunition, and more assault rifles are to be delivered. The Chin Defense Force – Mindat was given 40 AK-47 guns and 120 magazines of 12,000 rounds of ammunition on September 28 at the headquarters of the Chin Defense Forces in cooperation with the International Mindat K’Cho Organization (IMCO) Heal the world and CEA (Norway).

The IMCO Civil society organization started the project in June 2022 to purchase and install 50 AK-47 guns to the CDF army. The group announced that it will cost US$185,000 to provide 50 guns, 15,000 rounds of ammunition, and 150 magazines.

President of the International Mindat K’Cho Organization-IMCO, Salai Thang Shein Ling, said, “We are the first unit to come out from the front during the Spring Revolution, and at the beginning of the Spring Revolution, there were a lot of soldiers from the CDF army. They are fighting with hammer and fire, so we have this intention to ask them to use automatic rifles. We have tried from all groups. But at the beginning of the revolution, through contact, There were so many needs that we were not able to supply the ammunition well.

Therefore, in June 2022, we decided from the EC meeting of our NGO group that we started to buy 50 automatic rifles, 15,000 bullets, and 150 boxes of ammunition. For that project, we contacted some officials under the NGU Ministry of Defense and with their help, we started a project worth one hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars,” he told the media.

He said that the remaining project 10 AK-47 guns, 3,000 rounds of ammunition, and 30 magazine cases are also planned to be handed over to the CDF – Mindat soon. It is reported that more than 70,000 US dollars were collected by selling raffle tickets for this project, and the Heal the World group led by Dr. Nyein and CEA (Norway) contributed 35,000 dollars.

“It is also important that we do not put pressure on the armed children on the ground. This revolution requires the unity of people across the country. To succeed in this revolution, all the armed revolutionaries in the country must be united, and the revolutionaries and allies of the country need to be united. At that time, the CDF army will be able to participate fully, either through weapons or through weapons. There is a plan to fulfill it later.” Salai Thang Shein Ling continued.

In Chin State’s Min Tu Township last September, there were 5 clashes between the Military Council Army and the CDF- Mindat, 4 of the Military Council were killed and 9 were wounded, and one of the CDF Army was injured, the CDF Information department announced. It is reported that the military council is conducting more arrests and checks on the city after the CDF’s guerrillas attacked the Military council in the city of Mindat.

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