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Sagaing Division Butalin Township Sai Pyin, Nyang kan village, according to those on the ground, 6 people were killed after military council troops raided the villages, yesterday. “Yesterday morning, we found the bodies of 3 FBNSU students in Nyangkan village. In the evening, 3 bodies were found near Nyangkan and the village. Some of the bodies found in the evening have not been picked up yet,” said a Butalin resident who was on the ground.

The 3 students who were killed by the military council in the office of the Federation of Burmese National Student Unions (FBNSU) in Nyoungkan village, 18-year-old Ko Kyaw Win Thant (chairman); The above FBNSU student said that in addition to 3 19-year-olds, 19-year-old Ko Than Sin Tung (Vice Chairman) and Ko Thutanae (Head of News), a soldier and a villager from a local revolutionary force were also killed.

“Early in the morning, when we were riding in four columns to the village, we ran into three of them and tied their hands back. stab their chests with knives, I know that he was tortured and then shot. “The column has not yet left (from the villages), so we don’t know the details yet,” said a Butalin resident. His body was buried yesterday morning.

The details of the 3 more deaths are not yet known. Locals said that this morning, some of the military council troops returned to Butalin town, while others entered Tongone village and stationed themselves. So the meeting place He said that the local residents of the villages that started the new plot are fleeing the war. There is no news from the military council about the situation of the column going out of Sagaing.

Ref: BBC

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