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Karenni State Yesterday (July 27th), the Karenni Army attacked a place where about 40 military council members were stationed in the northern part of Pha Song city, and the military council’s side attacked about 20 casualties and seized some weapons and ammunition, Karenni Army (KA) Commander-in-Chief Colonel Bone Naing told the media.

According to the photo archive and ammunition seized from the military council, there are thousands of rounds of ammunition, including RPGs, enagers and small bullets. In addition, the uniforms with the (66th) and (55th) badges of the Military Council were also confiscated. From July 21st, the military council has been attacking the east side of Than Lwin Bridge in Pha Song Township using three ground battalions and by air.

In addition, since the afternoon of July 26th, the contact between the military council army and the Karenni joint forces, which crossed Pha Song township (Kyauk Pan Nyo village) on the eastern side of the Tanlwin River and entered Kyauk pan village in Mae Se township, was intense. The details of the current battle have not yet been released by the relevant forces.

In the second week of June, after the Karenni joint forces captured Mae Se, the military council increased its forces in New Village and Pha Song to recapture it, and it has been on the offensive since the third week of June.

Source: People’s Spring

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