The Pao National Liberation Army (PNLA) reported that a battle took place north of Sesai town in the Pao Autonomous Region of Southern Shan State, and about 50 bodies of military council soldiers were seized along with 50 weapons.

Yesterday, on January 30th, there was a battle between the Pao National Liberation Army (PNLA) and the terrorist military council in a place north of Sesai. During the clearing of the area where the battle took place, about 50 bodies of the military council remained and about 50 weapons were captured. It is reported that the Military Council and the subordinate militia are destroying Pao villages in Pao region using heavy air weapons.

Last night, there was no fighting, and the Pao National Liberation Army (PNLA) was not present. When the military council bombed the Sesai Township monastery with an airplane, it was known that the Sesai Monastery, which is the sacred place of the Pao Lumwo people, was destroyed.

The PNLA news and information department has informed that the militia under the military council is misusing the name of Pao National Liberation Army (PNLA) in Kyauktole area of Taunggyi township and Hobon township and fraudulently recruiting new troops for the military council.

At present, the military council and subordinate militia group are carrying out bombing attacks and shooting attacks on Sisai town and Pao area. Parents are requested not to enter Sisai town, look at their homes, carry things back, and stay temporarily in safe places.

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