Chin Brotherhood announced today that the Maraland Territorial Council (MTC/MDF) has joined “Chin Brotherhood Alliance” as a member to cooperate politically and militarily in Chin state and Chin national issues. According to common agreements such as justice, equality, and the right to create one’s own destiny, the Maraland Territorial Council (Maraland Defense Force) has been approved as a member of the “Chin Brotherhood Alliance ” since January 30, Chin Brotherhood announced today.

It is said that they had to hold several meetings to participate in Chin brotherhood Alliance. The Maraland Territorial Council / Maraland Defense Force joined Chin brotherhood Alliance at a time of military tension with the CDF-Mara forces. Zomi Federal Union (ZFU/PDF- Zoland) Chin National Council (Mindat) /CDF-Mindat, Chin National Organization (CNO/CNDF) formed the Chin Brotherhood Alliance on December 30, 2023 to cooperate politically and militarily on Chinland and Chin national issues.

Chin brotherhood has announced that he will work together with local and foreign organizations and individuals on issues related to the Chin state, the entire Chin nation and the national unity, and work together until a government that meets democratic standards emerges in the future. CNF/CNA, CDF-Mara and the Maraland Territorial Council (MTC/MDF) clashed on January 24 in Lailenpi town of Chin State, resulting in casualties and there is currently a military tension.

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