Residents said that a civilian woman was killed and a young man was injured when a motorcycle hit a landmine near the industrial zone of Kale Town in Sagaing Division last night on December 9. The woman who died was 30 years old and was killed by a landmine, and the 20-year-old young man who was with her was injured in his legs and arms.

“The dead woman’s husband was driving a truck, so I wanted to follow the car, so I followed a boy and his husband’s car, and then he came back. It was hited by a mine on a motorcycle near the Sekan village cemetery. I think the soldiers are still in Sekan Village. The woman may have died on the spot.” A local said.

The injured 20-year-old young man is currently being treated at Kalaymyo General Hospital. Last October 7th, the military council army clashed with local defense groups in Sekan village, and houses in Sekan village were repeatedly burned down. Last August 12, 2022, 50-year-old Daw Hui I’ang and her 30-year-old son, Ko Samuel, were on their way to Kale Town from Kyun Chaungng Village on a motorcycle.

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