The Qatari Foreign Ministry announced on November 22 that both Hamas and Israel have agreed to a 4-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. During the 4-day ceasefire, Hamas will release 50 women and children held hostage, and Israel has agreed to release Palestinian women and children, the press release said.

The Qatari government press release did not specify the exact number of Palestinian prisoners to be released by Israel, but Israeli reports put the figure at 150. During the 4-day ceasefire period, humanitarian food, medicine and fuel will be allowed to be sent to Gaza. The press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar also expressed gratitude to the American and Egyptian governments for working together to reach this agreement.

Israeli news reported that there was intensive discussion within the Israeli government on the night of November 21 to reach an agreement for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages, and although the majority of government ministers supported it, three Israeli ministers from the far-right party opposed the agreement.

Although the cease-fire will begin on the morning of November 24, the Israeli army chief himself is on the battlefield in Gaza and is still attacking places where Hamas forces may be, according to Palestinian news reports. Despite reports that they have agreed to a four-day ceasefire, local reports indicate that Israel is still attacking all parts of the Gaza Strip and Hamas is still firing rockets.

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