It is reported that while the residents of Zonglay Village in Falam Township, Chin State went out to look for butterfly eggs in the forest yesterday morning, a 50-year-old local woman was hit by a landmine planted by the Military Council and died on the spot. According to sources in the area, Daw Biak Za Nem died due to severe injuries on both legs due to a landmine. Currently, she is survived by six children.

“The Military Council planted landmines near the top of the camp. without knowing Or maybe I just stepped on the wrong path, I don’t know. When those who went with him heard the explosion, they went to look and found out that the event had already ended,” CNDF spokesperson Salai Cung Ngai said. After the military coup, a landmine planted by the Military Council in Falam Township was stepped on, and a total of five local residents were killed and at least five were injured.

“Now is the time of revolution. Since the fighting is always going on, they are in a very cautious position, so I would like to tell them not to go near the camp, and take care from this experience,” said Salai Cung Ngai. After the coup, a total of 21 local residents were killed and 37 injured due to landmines in Chin State.

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