It is reported that Zo Reunification Organization – ZORO will hold a peaceful protest at the border against the central government of India’s plan to cancel the Free Movement Regime (FMR) between India and Myanmar. The peaceful rally will be held on May 16 at around 11:00 am at the India-Myanmar border No. 2 border trade Zokhothar village and Vaphai village. Regarding the issue of the peaceful rally, Network for Unity Association Mizoram – NUA -M General Secretary Pu Zoa said, “We Chins and Mizos are all brothers. Chin State and India’s Mizoram State have been dealing with each other for ages and have started doing business. If the FMR is cancelled, it could cause a lot of trouble for both sides,” he said.

“In many areas of Chin State, the people who have become rich and the people who do business have a lot of connections with Mizoram. If there is no FMR during the revolution, the issue of war refugees, humanitarian aid, and medicine may be in trouble. Therefore, to show that the Chin people of Mizo and the Chin people of Burma are united, I would like to request that all Chin people should participate in this rally,” Pu Zoa continued.

The Mizoram state government has also supported the peaceful demonstration of the FMR issue, and Prime Minister Pu Lalduhoma will tell the central government that he does not want to cancel the FMR, and the NGOs and CSO organizations in Mizoram should do their part and work together. The ZORO group, which led this peaceful demonstration, is an organization that wants the Chin (Zo) people in the three countries of India-Myanmar-Bangladesh to be reunited and live under one administration due to the territorial division of the British government.

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