The People’s Defense Force No. 1 military region officially announced that 31 peoples, including some members of the Rhinoceros Party, were mass-shooted and killed by the terrorist army in Lettutaw village, Minmu Township, Sagaing Region, and about 20 women were taken away.

Today, May 11th, around 5:00 a.m., there was no fighting in Minmu Township. It is reported that the terrorist army attacked the village of Letuttaw by firing about 30 bombs with drones and heavy weapons, entered with 70 forces from the ground and destroyed the houses with fire. Moreover, it was reported that 31 people were killed, including 24 villagers and 1 woman who were fleeing inside the monastery.

It is reported that 10 injured people were taken to the hospital due to the firing of large and small arms by the terrorist army, and 1 more died on the way. At around 8:30 in the morning, the terrorist soldiers who killed and set fire to the village left the village of Lettutaw and went to the village of Yeposa, where they also abducted about 20 women from the village.

The army that committed the war crime was the No.-13 Infantry Battalion (Khah Mah Yah-13) No.-909 Battlefield Engineer Battalion (Sah- Ah- Yah-909) who was stationed at the monastery of Gwepintaw Village in Minmu Township, a mobile force formed by veterans. About 40 forces from Pyu Saw Htee and 30 forces from the No. 929 Support and Communication Battalion (Thah Pah Yah -929) from Nat Lake village, Chưak Township, Monywa District.

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